Ruby L. is a beloved, truly trusted servant in our A A fellowship.

Her sobriety date is February 8, 1973.

Her home group is in Webster, New York, but she certainly is not limited there.

She has directly touched, inspired, guided and personally helped thousands to sobriety and indirectly touches staggering numbers in our A A fellowship all over the country.

Her direct, humorous, powerful message over the years as a "servant for sobriety", has shined in our walks and talks for all that know her. She can heal you with laughter and stun you with absolute truth. She will guide you with quick wit and inspire you with wisdom. Ruby will share with you her experience, strength and hope from the bondage of alcoholism for she has been there before. She knows that GOD is the source of her sobriety and is a direct instrument in HIS plan.

All that she is, and all that she has to give, I know that Ruby has no greater desire than to help others in and through sobriety.

The following is a collection of some of Ruby's favorite writings that have been inspirational to her and would like to share with anyone that desires sobriety.

Thank you Ruby L. We love you.