Arnie and Joy know me, and with this fact, they are not afraid of my blindness, as over my life experiences, many people have been.

On the way to a meeting with them one Sunday, Arnie was driving and I was in the back seat with my wife, behind Joy.

Joy is a very special person, very exciting to be around, and as in the meaning in her name, just a joy to be with.

Sometimes, being good friends, playfully, we pick on each other.

During the ride, Joy and I were conversing when the conversation got around to her asking me, "Dan, do you find that your other senses get better when you go blind".

I replied, "What?"

She repeated, "Do you find that your other senses get better when you go blind?"

I replied, "I'm sorry."

A little louder and more distinct she said, "Do you find that when you go blind, that you’re other senses get better?"

Again I said, "What!"

She, in a very loud voice started saying it again, but while she started her sentence, she saw Arnie and Diane laughing out loud.

She suddenly realized and said, "Dan, I'll get you for this!"

Well, when we got to the meeting, along with the front door, next to it was a revolving door.

Joy said, "Come with me Dan."

I found myself taking a revolving door ride with Joy driving the door until I got dizzy!

Then we went to the meeting, but I decided that I wasn't done yet.

They drove us back to their place to get our car.

We went to say our goodbyes, and then I asked Joy if I could use their bathroom.

She said "certainly".

We went in their very beautiful home and my wife and Joy waited in the hallway for me.

I came out of the bathroom expressing to her what a beautiful home they have, and that their bathroom was really nice, but it was the first place that I've had ever seen with a urinal that high, and also had hot and cold faucet flusher.

Diane told me her reaction, but I wish I could have seen her face.