Is Love Blind?


I look back in my journal

To see how far I've come

I've come out of hiding

To risk a faith I've found

I look back in my journeys

Just to sense that they are gone

The depression, pain and loneliness

Can be blamed for hanging on

I'm told that I have choices

Not knowing this before

I'm used to feeling comfortable

Sometimes lower than the floor

My pain, it was familiar

I knew what to expect

My life, it was a tragedy

And that I could accept

So I look back on my record

To see how far I've grown

To feel that bondage living

For it's a comfort zone

I thought I knew what love was

I thought I was the best

Thinking love is just a thought process

Running wild with the rest

I look back on My existence

Reading who I was

And the reason I was doing things

For my motive was because

I look back on survival

To see how far I've grown

I've surrendered to a power

A power greater than my own

Now I look upon this power

And find it's full of love

And the love that I've been seeking

Is real from up above

A love that held on to me

In spite of all my lies

A love that lasts forever

Not seen by physical eyes

I can let go of this life style

With the shedding of some tears

I can let go of this bondage

In spite of all my fears

In faith I turn it over

For I did not feel whole

And I discovered there was blindness

When I let my fear be in control