Written for my mom to share -with her friends
By her daughter Gale

With love she does pen



How do I thank you
For all that you do
To make me feel loved
And to care for me too


You send me some money
To help make ends meet
You take me to meetings
And you save me a seat


You put up a railing
And hung a new door
You take out my trash
And you vacuum my floor


You bring me some seed
To fill up my birds
My heart fills with joy
But I struggle for words


You shop for my groceries
And pick me up treats
You bring homemade meals
That I love to eat


You plant all my flowers
You keep them watered and such
They do really well
With your special touch


You bring me some clothes
To help those in need
When I couldn't do it
You then took the lead


You help me with projects
And clean out my barn
You check on me daily
To keep me from harm

You provide me with stamps
To send all my mail
If I tried to out-give you
I surely would fail


You put things in my windows
To help me keep cool
You remodeled my bathtub
Complete with a stool


You go to the pharmacy
To pick up my pills
It's your acts of kindness
That keeps my heart filled


You gave me a computer
And you set it all up
You go through the drive-thru
And you bring me a cup


You take your big tractor and
You clean out my yard
You add pictures of your kids
When you send me a card


You keep my van running
So I can keep going
You plow all my snow
And my lawn you keep mowing


You brought over your keyboard
And you played Gospel songs
You've been very gracious
And forgiven my wrongs


You come and get me
When the power goes out
When I get discouraged
You don't let me pout


When I throw my breadcrumbs
On the waters of life
You help me get back ham sandwiches
That need a big knife


You keep me real busy
Just answering your calls
It keeps me from focusing
On just my four walls


There are too many things
I can't list them all
From sorting my papers
To raking leaves in the fall


How do I thank you
For all that you do
I'll ask God to help me
And bless you all too!