THE Difference    between LEADERS AND VICTIMS


Leaders make mistakes and say, "I made a mistake, and make up for It. Victims make mistakes and say, "I'm Sorry," and do the same thing the next time.


Leaders say "I'm good, but not as good as I can be, yet."  Victims say "I'm not as bad as a lot of other people.'?


Leaders get compliments and say 'Thank you."  Victims get compliments and make excuses or jokes.


Leaders affect others.  Victims are  affected by others.


Leaders would rather be admired than liked, and wind up having an abundance of both.

Victims would rather be liked than admired, and wind up having little of either.


Leaders respect others and try to learn something from them.  Victims resent others and try to find their faults.


Leaders stand for something and are willing to fight for it if necessary.

Victims stand for nothing and either fight about everything, or nothing.


- There are essentially two categories of people in the world...

leaders and victims.

Leaders are those whose purpose seems to be to inspire and motivate victims until the become leaders. Victims are those whose purpose seems to be to criticize and resist leaders until they become Victims."


Ross Quinn